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The eparchy of Mananthavady was erected by His Holiness Pope Paul VI, by the Bull Quanta Gloria of March 1, 1973 bifurcating the vast diocese of Tellicherry. The diocese of Tellicherry and Mananthavady were erected for the migrated peoples from the central kerala. Population explosion and the shortage of food during the post-war period (1945-1960) induced them to migrate to the uninhabited fertile lands of northern Kerala and to some isolated pockets of Tamilnadu and Karnataka States. These places were filled with thick forests and under the threat of malaria and other diseases. The migrated people, being agrarian, risking their own life cleared the forests and settled themselves cultivating paddy, rubber, coconut, coffee, cashew, pepper etc...

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To know more about Parishes Under Mananthavady Diocese. Parish details, Contact Address and Priests detail are Available in this section

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Diocese manages some Charity institutions and social programmes. These institutions & projects are really helping poor people. Browse this section to know more about these activities and charity Institutions

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Corporate Educational Agency

View the details of Secular Education institutions under the Diocese like Regular Colleges, Parallel Colleges, Higher Secondary Schools,...

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Individual Management Institutions

View the Individual management Institutions details.

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Centre Administration Institutions

View the Centre administration Management Institutions details.

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Diocesan Apostolates & Pious Associations
Mananthavady Diocese manages the activities of various Catholic religious Cultural Associations. They manage some social and charity works too.
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A number of Catholic religious congregations working under the diocese. Browse this section to view the details about these congregations...

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